Why Do Muscles Get Sore?

why does muscles get sore

One question that always comes up is about muscle soreness, and what it means. You know the scenario after having a chest workout; waking up to a sore chest thinking “I must have had a great chest workout!”, or the opposite happens and your chest is not sore so you think you didn’t have a good workout.

Actually, muscle soreness has almost nothing to do with whether or not you stimulated muscle growth during your workout. So why do muscles get sore? Muscle soreness can be referred to as DOMS (or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

Muscle Soreness =/= Muscle Growth

Most people don’t know that muscle soreness is not a result of damage to the muscle tissue itself, but a result of damage to the connecting muscle tissue. Muscle soreness has little to nothing to do with how effective or ineffective your workout was, and many things will affect how sore or not sore you get after a workout.

If you’re new to weight training, you’ll notice you get very sore after workouts. With experience, you’ll notice that you get less and less sore as you go on as your body adapts to the work load. Heavy strength workouts often lead to regular muscle soreness.

Certain muscles will get more sore than others, but that depends person to person as well as the form of exercise. Personally, my chest and quads get more sore compared my back and calves.

Did I Have A Good Workout?

When you’re asking yourself whether or not you had a good workout, throw out the idea of muscle soreness. What you should be paying attention to is:

1. Training Intensity

You need to give your body a reason to progress and grow. Train to either muscle failure, or very close to it. You can find a great way increase your training intensity here.

2. Progression

Every single week, track your progress and push the envelope a little further. Either do more reps with the same weight, or more weight with the same reps.


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