High Protein Breakfast – Importance and Ideas

high protein breakfast ideas

It’s very well known the importance of having breakfast, but not what makes up a good breakfast. A high protein breakfast gives your body the fuel in needs to recover from the day before, and fuel for the day to come. After a long time of not eating during sleep, your body will be craving nutrition.

Importance Of A High Protein Breakfast

It has been scientifically shown that a good healthy, high protein breakfast will keep you fuller longer and generally more active through the day – source. Protein is necessary to repair damaged muscle tissue, which in turn them makes them bigger and stronger. Protein is found in every cell inside your body, including hair and nails.

Breakfast Ideas High In Protein

Protein Shakes

whey protein for breakfastThis is the quickest and simplest method of getting protein in your system first thing in the morning. You can either get premade ones like Myoplex, or make your own with a good whey protein such as Optimum Nutrition Whey.

You can blend in some peanut butter, fruits (bananas, strawberries  etc), oatmeal, and milk. Protein shakes are not only useful for athletes and bodybuilders, but for anyone looking to get fit or stay healthy.


dairy protein breakfast
Dairy products are also very high in protein for a nutritous breakfast. They come in many different variations of low fat, no fat, and no sugar products to fit your diet. You can add in milk, greek yogurt, cheese or other dairy product for a protein rich breakfast.

Dairy is also rich in calcium; a bonus! An eggs and cheese omelette is an excellent addition to any breakfast.


egg protein breakfast
Eggs are also an excellent adittion to a high protein breakfast. Each egg has 6 grams each, and it is recommended by the American Heart Association. Some people prefer to throw away the yolk (yellow part) of the egg since it’s high in saturated fat, but that’s entirely up to you.

You can buy egg whites alone, which is a lot cheaper as well. The possibilities for a breakfast high in protein are endless with eggs; scrambled, poached, fried, sunny side up, or a simple omelette.


meat products for breakfast
The traditional english breakfast include eggs, ham, sausage, and bacon, which are all very high in protein. Meat products like poultry and beef are very high in protein, and are a great addition to any breakfast which allows meat. The downside with meat is it’s fat content, so a leaner cut of meat will be a better choice. All fat is not bad fat though.

Certain essential fatty acids help with brain and eye development (EPA and DHA), and are also linked to preventing heart disease, hypertension, arthiritis, and more. Source here.


soy protein for breakfastIf you are a vegetarian, soy is a suitable alternatives to meat which is also high in protein.Products of soy such as  soymilk, breakfast bars, and cereals have added soy protein which can have up to 20 grams of protein. The downside about soy is also its high fat content, but have high fiber to help control cholesterol.



Any of these foods would be a great addition to a protein packed breakfast. Remember to make your breakfast based on your goals, and control the overall macronutrient content and calories. If you are looking for a diet low in carbs, you can check out our low carb foods list.

A high protein breakfast will provide your body with protein which your body can’t otherwise store. This means that it can start to use that protein first thing in the morning. When your body does not have the necessary protein, there are no alternatives to draw on. This is where people usually have trouble when trying to gain muscle or lose fat. Starting your day with a heigh protein breakfast will provide you with a good amount of protein to keep your body satisfied and healthy. Ka?dy oferuje szereg bezp?atnych kredytów (wirtualnych ?etonów) do gier we w?a?ciwy sposób. Wybór automatów do gier online za darmoz najwy?szymi wska?nikami jako?ci wszystkich wa?nych parametrów którymi musi posiada? dostojny kasyno gry dla tych kto ceni autentyczne uczucia i bez rejestracji, niczym si? nie zakosztowa? tera?niejszo?ci . darmowe gry online kasyno Wybór automatów do gier platformowych, wybierz sam automaty do gry online za darmo automaty.Spis sprawdzonych automaty do gier we w?a?ciwy sposób. Wybór automatów do gry za darmo automaty.Spis sprawdzonych automaty do gier online za darmo automaty.Spis sprawdzonych automaty do gry dla tych kto ceni autentyczne uczucia i .


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