High Protein Greek Yogurt

high protein greek yogurt

 The Mediterranean delicacy you probably don’t know about!

We, as healthy eaters, are always looking for new food. We tend to get bored quickly. Why? Well eggs, tuna, and steak everyday can break anyone down after a while. Not only does our lack of options get boring but also that never ending slave labor over the stove cooking chicken, salmon or steak can be a quick K.O. for your motivation.

When it is suggested that you’re supposed to be having a minimum 3-4 meals per day to keep insulin levels low and metabolism fast, it can be too much too ask to cook that many meals. So healthy eaters are not just looking for variety, but for a quick way to get the right nutrition on the go. 

Enter Greek Yogurt.

This tasty treat can assist in the daily grind we all are apart of. This appetizing delicacy compares to regular yogurt like an orange picked on a July afternoon in sunny Florida to its clearance supermarket counterpart.  The thick and creamy viscosity of Greek yogurt will most likely win over the pickiest eater.

greek yogurt macronutrientsNot only is this delicacy tasty but also helpful in the macronutrient category. A 150g serving size of Greek yogurt gives you 11 grams of protein, which is the equivalent of approximately 2 large eggs. For some of us who are in front of the stove cooking 4-5 eggs in the morning, Greek yogurt can be a great healthy substitute for the high cholesterol breakfast staple as it gives you about the same amount of calories as well.

Click here for a macronutrient breakdown for a serving of Greek Yogurt.

Now you might be thinking in your fitness savvy minds, “what’s the catch here? Why is this high protein substitute unheard of if it is so beneficial?”

A probable factor of this is that Greek Yogurt can be pricey at times. A 32-ounce container of FAGE can be seen at your local supermarket for $7.49, which is a significant increase from your ol’ regular yogurt. This is to be expected though.

What do all high protein foods have in common with each other? No matter the form you find it in, whether in powder, meat, or a protein bar, they will be pricier then the majority of lower quality foods. For example, an ISOFLEX Triple Layer Protein Bar is approximately $4.00. A Kit-Kat on the other hand can be easily found for a $1.

Protein always increases the price of any food good.

As a resolution to this given problem, greek yogurt can be made at home which can help you save big bucks. Happy Simple Living has done everyone a great deed by posting a “do it yourself” article on making your own Greek yogurt at home.

Remember to look outside the box when choosing your healthy food sources. We have a vast planet with an equal amount of edibles in your journey to staying fit.


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