Does Water Help You Lose Weight?

water for weight loss

Your body is made up of over 75% water, so keeping hydrated is extremely important for health alone. Water allows for the exchange of nutrients from in and out of your cells, blood circulation, assists with digestion and absorption of food, and removing digestive waste. If you’re not having 2-3 bowel movements in a day, you’re most likely constipated, dehydrated, or not getting enough fiber in your diet.

How Water Helps You Lose Weight

Water helps you lose weight in a number of ways. The first way is that water helps you lose weight is when your brain sends a signal your stomach to tell you that you are either hungry or thirsty. You can misinterpret this signal for hunger and eat when you were actually just thirsty. A simple glass of water would have been enough in this case.

The next time you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water first. Not only will this let you now if you were hungry or thirsty, but it’ll help you feel a little bit fuller in case you do eat afterwards. It basically acts as a natural appetite suppressant.

The second way is by dropping excess water weight. Your body may try to hold on to water if you are dehydrated as a survival mechanism, like a camel holds water in its hump.

Drinking water actually helps you to release this built up excess water, helping you lose water weight It won’t be fat loss, but it will have an impact on your weight as well as future weight loss.

How Much Water Should You Drink?

A good way to measure how much water you drink is dividing how much you weigh in pounds by 2. That’s how many ounces of water you should be drinking per day. You can also use this hydration calculator.

If you weight 200 lbs, 200/2 = 100 ounces of water per day (or roughly 3 liters).

How to Drink More Water

water weight lossTea, sodas, and juice don’t count as water; we’re talking pure water. Although saying you don’t like the taste of water is like saying I don’t like the smell of oxygen, there are ways to make drinking water more “flavorful”.

Drinking naturally carbonated water water is an excellent way to get in your daily recommended amount of water, especially for soda drinkers. You can even add some lime and/or Stevia for added flavor. A great choice is MIO, a liquid water enhancer.

There are also many sugar free sugar flavor enhancers available in many flavors, from fruits, to green tea, to soda. These can be added to regular tap water or carbonated water to enhance the flavor to make sure you meet your daily requirement. See this for more about the importance of water.



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