“Hey Bro, do you take protein!?”

do you take protein

One of the most excruciating questions for any gym goer who looks like they lift. I don’t know about you, but I never know how to react to such a question. Whether to ignore them, explain to them what they’re asking is completely innane, say yes, or say “yeah bro, I even cycle creatine!”.

If you happen to be one of those people who ask such a question, please, don’t. You may mean well or even sincerely wan’t to know what to eat and do to get better results, but this is not it.

Asking, “Hey bro, do you take protein?” is like saying “Hey bro, do you take carbohydrates?”
. It’s almost like people think protein is an anabolic steroid.

I’m not sure if I get mad at the way people phrase the question, if they think you’re “cheating” by “taking protein”, or because they simply don’t understand nutrition.

protein not even once

A better question would be, “Hey man, do you take whey protein?”, What kind of whey protein do you use?”, or “How much protein do you/should I consume in a day?”.

You can’t take protein, but you can eat or drink things that have protein in them.

Protein isn’t some dangerous, illegal, cancer causing substance.

Protein is very important and crucial for building lean muscle though. There’s protein in almost every single food out there, from steak to rice.  So yes, gym goer who I see once a week, I do “take protein”, and so do you.

I hope this has cleared up some things for the new gym goers. It’s been asked so much that I’ve decided to start a “Hey bro…” series.


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