Are Carbs Good For You?

are carbs good for you?

The question are carbs good for you is a very difficult question to answer. This depends on many factors such as: if you are trying to gain weight, lose weight, are diabetic, looking for the low-carb diets, or high carb diets. No one can definitively say if carbs are bad for you or not but they certainly are a crucial part to your bodys composition. Carbs are good for you because the are a crucial part of your body composition. They also give you lots of energy to get through the day, your workout, and help repair your muscles. Your body needs carbohydrates for a lot of metabolic processes. In particular, they help feed your brain which only runs glucose which your body makes from complex carbs like whole wheat, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes.

are carbs good for youThe thing people are most concerned about when checking are carbs good for you or not is if they cause people to get fat, or not lose fat fast enough. The problem is not with the carbs but the overall calorie intake. The person is determined to lose weight they must be less calories than they consume in a day. On the other hand if the person is trying to gain weight they must eat more calories then they consume in a day. Of course the overall diet must be balanced with a fair share of protein fats and carbohydrates – usually 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fat ratio is used. Now this can obviously be altered for your personal preference or needs, such as modifications to the low-carb diet or the keto diet. If you are looking for a list of low carb foods, you can follow our post here : Low Carb Foods List

Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs

There are two types of carbs out there. There are some carbs you should stay away from, which are primarily simple carbs and simple sugars such as candy, ice cream, high fructose drinks, and other related foods. These types of carbs are also not always bad, as some bodybuilders prefer to have these type of simple carbs post workout for what’s called a insulin spike. I would not recommend this but it is done, and we will write it about it soon. Boybuilders would most likely¬†unanimously¬†agree on the question if are carbs good – Yes. They help you get that extra bit out in the gym, while giving you enough energy to get through the day without crashing.

There are carbs good for you which are called complex carbs. These carbs have a higher G.I. index, which basically means that they’ve been the slower throughout your body which helps you stay full and energized longer. Some cards that are good for you include oatmeal, whole wheat products such as pasta and rice, sweet potatoes, and other whole wheat products with a low fructose or added sugar content.

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