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1mr preworkout review

BPI Sports 1MR Reviews

1MR stands for one more rep, and in our 1MR review we’ll explain why it deserves this name. If you are an avid gym goer, you know exactly how hard it is to squeeze out that last rep. It’s sometimes your mind that tells you, “no, I can’t do anymore”, or your muscles just not having it in them. Most of the time, the physical strength is there, but the mental strength is not.

That’s where 1.M.R takes over and helps you get the most out of what you can do! It really helps you focus, get pumped, and stick to what’s at hand – you vs. your goals. The mental concentration combined with the muscle pumps are surreal; you get the confidence to really get out “one more rep.” In order to progress, that one extra rep added to the end of your hardest set always makes a huge difference.

1mr preworkout review1MR has a new powerful ingredient that include CNS stimulants, nitric oxide activators, and muscle building properties without the filler ingredients. My experience with 1.M.R has been overall very positive so far; they have really outdone themselves here.

 1MR is my go to pre-workout supplement now, and has a place to stay in my supplement stack. No more upset stomach, nausea, or mid-work out headaches since I’ve switched over.

It’s also a lot more affordable – you can pick up 1MR by BPI with cheap shipping for around $27.77 from here. Many other preworkout supplements out there are almost twice the price for the same amount of servings.

This will last you about 28 workouts, which for most people who workout 3-5 times a week will last a sufficient amount of time.

It also comes in many different flavours, and has no aftertaste and mixes very well. That’s one of the big problems I faced with preworkouts – they would either not mix properly and float on the top, or would just taste very bitter. It also did not upset my stomach, like certain supplements did (which I should really not mention).  Prior to this, my post workout supplements included just whey protein and creatine, and pre-workout I had JACK3d. Since the ban on 1,3-Dimethylamylamine, I had to make a move as I feel JACK3D isn’t as effective without this (now banned) stimulant .

With only about 5 calories per serving, it’s also a great addition to any diet, whether you’re cutting or trying to pack on muscle. Some pre-workouts are loaded with sugar to give you that short burst of energy, and that’s where 1MR excels.

1.M.R Testimonials

There are really positive 1MR reviews and testimonials from the Bodybuilding.com forum community. To list a few:

“This product is legit. I have used all of the big name pre-workout formulas and told myself I would never use anything other than Jack3d. 1MR is honestly better than Jack3d. I get insane pumps from this product-pumps like I have never felt before. I have been stacking this with SizeOn MP and have gained about 5 lbs in two weeks. It gives you great energy throughout your whole workout.”

“Basically all I can say is W-O-W; I love this stuff, again it doesn’t give you the typical stim feeling like jitters although it has 300mgs of caffeine its just a weird feeling of being so focused and able to push past typical “failure” or plateaus, all I know is that 1MR will be a staple in my supplement cycles.”

“I’ve gone through probably 3 tubs of 1mr. The only other pre-WO I’ve used is Jack3d(prob 15 or more tubs). I actually like 1mr better, I seem to have better energy to continue with my workout after a long day of work. As far as taste goes, try the watermelon. I actually like the taste. All of the 1mr’s I have tried seem to taste better than any of the Jack3d flavors.”

We hope that our 1.M.R reviews were beneficial to you in your search for a pre-workout supplement. Remember to consult with a physician before taking supplements such as 1.M.R.

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