Best Supplement for Cutting

supplements for losing fat

Cutting can be a very difficult process. Most of us have gone through this stage in our life. That stage which leaves you allergic to mirrors. Where you’ve got a little too much fat around the waistline. And that feeling makes us run to some crazy lengths and diets to make us feel a little better after that twinkie.

For those who have tried out the cabbage diet, grapefruit diet and any other desperate measure, just stop!

There is no need to go to those extents for that wedding day, bridal shower, or high school reunion. Instead you can take measures to really make this journey a lot less…well…traumatic. A good diet, the right supplements, a good weight training routine, and cardio is the quickest way to shred weight.

Here is a list of some essential supplements you should try:

BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

During the cutting process, you really want to avoid a few things. One of the main issues you’ll be faced with is catabolism. Meaning the loss of muscle.

Rather then becoming a smaller version of your current self, you really want to just strictly burn the fat off your frame. It’s hard to be anabolic (where your body can build muscle) when your body is in a caloric deficit.

This means you will need a sufficient amount of protein and BCAA’s. While cutting you’ll not only lose fat, but muscle as well. BCAA’s is probably the best supplement for cutting because it helps to retain muscle mass during this period of weight loss.

Branched Chain Amino Acids have the ability to help your recovery, prevent exhaustion, absorption of protein and increase growth hormone levels. All of these effects will help you prevent muscle loss and help in muscle retention.  Click here for another explanation on why BCAA’s are useful fom Reactive Training Systems.

Whey Protein

Staying on the same topic, whey protein is the best quality protein known to man, and yes it works. This high quality protein will be the building blocks for your amino acids and lead you to further muscle retention. It has the highest bioavailability for protein (means it’s absorbed quickly), as well as a high concentration of protein without excess carbohydrates or fat.

When you’re counting calories it’s better to get extra protein from a whey protein shake than the banana milkshake you’ve been craving, and they almost taste the same! Whey Protein also has antioxidant effects which allows for a healthier immune system as well.

This supplement is a foundation to all healthy lifestyles because of the multi-faceted effect it has. Not only is it great for muscle retention but it also helps you lead a healthy lifestyle in a time of calorie deficiency.

It can be difficult to fit a high amount of protein in your diet on a limited amount of calories otherwise. The only other alternatives are probably egg whites or chicken breast; both of which have extra calories from fat.

Fat Burner/ Thermogenics

Thermogenics are supplements that help actually burn fat. “Thermo” is another term for fire, which in case means raising your body temperature. An increased body temperature not only allows your body to sweat which reduces water weight, but also burns extra calories. 

A key ingredient in fat burners is usually caffeine or other stimulant. Caffeine raises your bodies heat to eventually allow you to burn more calories through the day since your overall internal temperature is increased. TeamRipped provides another account for why thermogenics are useful in the cutting phase.

Yohimbe is another term that most of us are probably not familiar with, which is another key essential part of many thermogenics and fat burners. It has shown to increase fat loss in some studies as well.

Fish Oil

The common belief around fish oil is that it is used to boost brain power and memory. Yes, studies have shown that there is a definite cause-and-effect link there. But more than just that, it has shown to improve fat burning as well!

There’s a great write-up about fish oil, including full research and studies available from It explains in-depth the use of fish oil for helping in the process of fat loss with well cited studies and sources.

Fish oil capsules include the active ingredients EPA, DHA, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory which help to support cartiladge and promote healthy joints, as well as improving protein metabolism. EPA’s and DHA’s  are also healthy unsaturated fatty acids which help to “regulate cell activity and healthy cardiovasulcar function.” – Dr. Hoffman


This should be an essential component for not only cutting but also living a healthy lifestyle. We do not nearly get enough vitamins and nutritious foods into our bodies on a day-to-day basis and that can really limit your effectiveness both in and outside of the gym. Consistent use of multivitamins will encourage well being and health.

Think of dieting as creating a pothole in a road. Multivitamins fill that pothole back up for a smooth and even ride.

We come in contact with many different kinds of food, whether its home cooked or from your local fast food establishment. Some may or may not be the most nutritious because of possible hormones and pesticides used in the process.

So not only are you consuming these kinds of foods but also when you are on a diet you are in a deficiency of calories and nutrients.


Supplements are not nearly used as effectively or enough as they should be. There are some really great items out there that can make fat loss more rapid. But like the definition of the world, a supplement is something added to complete a thing.

In this case, you are supplementing or adding on top of a healthy diet and a good work out regiment. Proper pre post workout nutrition combined with good supplementation is the most efficient way to achieve any physique.

Make sure that your diet is divided into the right percentage of macronutrients. Make sure that you are eating clean and nutritious food and that they are being consumed throughout the day, with your largest meal during breakfast and you’re last being the smallest. professional essay writing services


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