Best Supplements for Bulking

best supplements for bulk

If you’re looking to bulk, most times food alone just doesn’t cut it. These are the best supplements for bulking that will help add additional macronutrients to your diet so you can pack on as much muscle mass as possible.

The usual goal for bulking is putting on as much muscle mass as possible, while minimizing fat gains at the same time. During a bulk, you’ll be getting eating an excess of calories which will not only build muscle but also some fat. That’s not neccesarily a bad thing as long as the fat gain is controlled, as you should be able to get rid of that fat fairly easily after your bulk.

1. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

weight gainer bulkingA weight gainer is probably the best bulking supplement you’ll have in your stack. A good weight gainer like Serious Mass provides you with plenty of calories from carbohydrates, fat, and more importantly protein. All weight gainers will also contain some fat, but it depends what type of fat as well.A good weight gainer like Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is high in protein and complex carbs, but also relatively low in fat.

A typical serving of Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 1250 calories, 252 grams of carbohydrates, 50 grams of protein, with only 4.5 grams of fat. This may seem like a lot of calories for some people, but you can split this serving in half which basically doubles the amount of servings you get per container. It also has added BCAA’s and glutamine.

It can be difficult preparing and eating 6-8 large meals a day when you’re trying to bulk, and a weight gainer is a must have supplement for any bulking stack. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is a cost effective supplement for bulking, and has a good macronutrient breakdown which basically makes up for an extra meal.

You should use this on top of your diet, or as a replacement for a meal in case you can’t get your daily macros in. If you don’t think you need the extra calories from a weight gainer, then a regular whey protein like Optimum Nutrition Whey is another good suggestion as well.

2. Optimum Pre-Load Creatine Complex

creatine bulk supplementCreatine has long been proven to be a safe and effective supplement for bodybuilding. In order to put on quality weight (muscle), you’ll need to be lifting heavier weight day after day, week after week. Creatine helps you do this by increasing and regenerating ATP(adenosine tri-phosphate). Creatine is probably the best supplement for bulking (next to a good weight gainer like Serious Mass).

In plain english, ATP is the primary form of short term energy. This is the energy which you will be using in your workouts and exercises which require bursts of energy – from benchpress, squat, and deadlift.This Pre-Load Creatine Complex by Optimum Nutrition is made from the purest creatine on the market(Creapure). It also contains glutamine, BCAA’s, fasting absorbing carbs and electrolyte transporters to speed up the process of absorption into your muscles.

Creatine is a must have supplement for bulking as it will help make you stronger, which in turn builds more muscle mass.

For basic monohydrate creatine it’s best to take it with something that will give you an insulin spike; something like grape juice or apple juice. Taking creatine with water, slow digesting carbs or acidic liquids like orange juice isn’t very effective. The goal is to keep your muscles saturated with creatine, and a insulin spike will help deliver that creatine to your muscles faster. The best time to take creatine (personally) is post workout.

3. 100% Casein

casein protein for bulkingCasein protein is a little different than whey or whey isolate protein powder. Casein protein is a slow release protein, best taken at night or when you don’t expect to eat for a while. When bulking, your goal is to constantly have your body in an anabolic state. This is when your muscles are primed for optimal growth, repair and maintenance. The opposite of this is the catabolic state, where your body breaks down muscle tissue.

This casein is made by themselves so the price is a lot lower compared to some other supplement companies. On top of that, it also has a good macronutrient makeup, with 25 grams of protein, and only 5 grams of and  fat.

No matter what you do, your body will go into a catabolic state in the middle of the night. Casein protein will prolong that period and help keep your body in a anabolic state longer. The goal isn’t just to stay out of a catabolic state, but to stay in an anabolic state as long as possible.

4. Multivitamin and Fish Oil

multivitamin supplement bulkA good multivitamin and fish oil are always a good addition to any supplement stack. These supplements aren’t completely necessary, but it’s never a bad idea to go above your goals when you’re bulking. They’re more to make sure your body isn’t lacking in any nutrients during your bulk.

You’re most likely undercounting the amount of nutrients, minerals, and healthy fats you’re getting from your diet, so a good multivitamin and fish oil will help fill that gap.

You won’t notice and direct results when taking a multi-vitamin or fish oil (other than maybe more energy and enhanced mood), but they do play a factor in your health.

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Additional Notes on Bulking

You should be aiming to eat 250-500+ calories above maintenance during your bulk, depending on your body type. If you think that you’re gaining too much fat too quickly, you should obviously lower your calories or change your macronutrient intake. This usually means increasing protein intake, and lowering carbohydrates and/or fats.

You should also be aiming to consistently lift more weight or get in more reps than the week before.A good high protein breakfast, diet, and proper pre and post workout nutrition and supplementation is the best way to bulk cleanly without a gaining a lot of excess fat in the process.


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