Cytosport Muscle Milk Review

muscle milk review

Is Muscle Milk Worthy Of The Hype?

Muscle Milk is one of the most well known protein supplements out there, and we’re going to explain why in our review. Is it just a trendy supplement with a catchy name, or is there some substance behind the hype?

CytoSport has been in the sports supplement business for over 14 years and still going strong. With the release of Muscle Milk, CytoSport gained a mass following for their amazing taste and broad appeal.

Muscle Milk, as with most whey protein supplements out there contains a high amount of protein (roughly 32 grams of protein), but also comes with 12 grams of fat and 18 grams of carbohydrates. Now this may not be a bad thing for someone who is looking to pack on some extra calories to gain weight, but it’s not suited for someone looking to lean down. It also has a good amount of
BCAA’s (Branched-chain amino acids) which also assist in repairing muscle tissue and sustaining muscle mass.

We would recommend taking it as a meal replacement rather than a source of direct protein, due to it’s high carbohydrate and fat content. It would be best to take a whey protein with a much lower fat content post or pre workout, as it will be absorbed by your muscles faster. Some whey protein supplements we would recommend are 100% Gold Standard by Optimum Nutrition and Syntha-6 by BSN. These are both very highly rated whey protein supplements from very reputable companies.

What some people also seem to forget is that Muscle Milk is primarily comprised of casein. Casein is a slow release protein, which is better suited for times where you will be going longer without a meal but still need to provide protein to your muscles. Muscle Milk would be best suited as either a meal replacement, or an addition to a meal if you need to pack on some extra protein or calories where you otherwise missed out.

Some criticisms in our Muscle Milk review include the price, quality of protein, and reported heavy metal content. For the price, there are much better alternatives out there that will deliver a better protein per serving ratio, a better quality of protein, and less fats and carbohydrates. Muscle Milk still has it’s name behind it which allows it to still sell very well, but we would recommend picking an alternative like the ones we listed previously if possible.

The quality of protein in Muscle Milk is also not of the highest quality. The ingredients list the following : “Protein Blend (Calcium And Sodium Caseinate, Milk Protein Isolate And/or Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate And/or Concentrate, Whey Peptides, Lactoferrin, L-Glutamine, Taurine)”. These ingredients aren’t the highest of quality, and include filler material which doesn’t specifically explain how much of each type of protein is included. Higher quality protein brands will list less filler and more quality, such as Gold Standard 100% Whey, which lists these: “Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Peptides)”. These are all higher quality proteins as compared to Cytosport Muscle Milk, and is the reason why it is the worlds best selling whey protein supplement.

Also in recent consumer studies (source) which reviewed several whey protein supplements, Cytosport came out on the bottom of the rankings. It was listed as having a higher than usual amount of heavy metals close to or exceeding the limit, which caused a lot of uproar in the bodybuilding community. The USP limits cadmium to 5 micrograms per day and lead to 10 micrograms per day. The cadmium level in Cytosport’s Muscle Milk was discovered to be 5.6 micrograms, and the lead level was found to be 13.5 micrograms when three servings were drunken in a day (as recommended on the label).That’s why it’s recommended to choose a better quality and more respected whey protein supplement, which has been reviewed, tested, and proven time and time again.

We hope our Cytosport Muscle Milk review will help you make an educated decision when choosing a whey supplement, and as always wish you the best of luck in your fitness goals and success.


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