Does Whey Protein Work?

does whey protein work

The quest of whey protein working is vague, but for the sake of simplicity, yes it does! For what its purpose is, it absolutely works. Of course there are differences in types of whey protein such as whey blend, whey concentrate, whey isolate, and a few more, but they all serve their intended purpose. Some whey proteins include a higher protein concentration than others, and some claim better absorption. It all comes down to research, and picking a brand that is well respected and trusted such as Optimum Nutrition. Our favorite whey protein brands has to be Optimum 100% Whey Protein! Protein Powder of the Year – 5 years in a row! It’s also surprisingly affordable when you compare serving sizes and cost to cheaper whey protein supplements like Body Fortress Whey Protein.

does whey protein work

The main purpose of whey protein is to get that extra bit of protein in your system for when you are either unable due to time, or need that extra boost of protein after a hard workout. Since protein is the building block of muscle, they question of does whey protein work answers it self here. Whey protein is very useful, if not critical if you are trying to pack on extra muscle or lose fat.

It is generally better to have more protein in your diet than for example simple carbs or trans fats if your goal is to attain a bodybuilding physique, as discussed here. There should of course be a good ratio of protein/carbs/fats, which is generally 40/40/20 in the bodybuilding community.

For your personal goals in health or fitness, whey protein does indeed work. It is especially useful for those who do not have time to cook that extra meal full of protein, where a quick protein shake could substitute. Whey protein generally has a high bioavailability, which means that it has a fast absorption rate. Other high protein types such as eggs, soy, and casein have a bioavailability score of 100, 74, and 77. Whey protein on the other hand generally has a bioavailability score of 106.

A higher bioavailability score means that the protein will be absorbed faster, which is extremely useful after a workout. This is because after a workout, your body is craving protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients in order to repair your muscles. The faster you get in your post-workout protein, the faster your body can start the muscle rebuilding process. It’s not only beneficial for those trying to gain more muscle, but also for those trying to lose body fat. This is why the question of does whey protein works is so prevalent – people generally want to know if it will be beneficial for either gaining muscle, or losing fat. Fact is, it’s an excellent supplement to meet both goals.

Don’t forget though, it is still a whey supplement, emphasis on the supplement part. You still need a good diet and a well constructed workout routine in order to see the best possible results. We hope we have addressed “does whey protein work” since it was a very popular question. For more health information, refer to our home page –


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