Truth About Intra-Workout Supplements

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Intra-workout supplements are a new trend among supplement companies and pro bodybuilders, but is the hype really worth it? To really understand the hype behind intra-workout supplements and if they work or not, we’ll have to look at the claims that these supplements offer and their reasons.

There is a time and place for everything; even supplements. Some pre-workout supplements are great for helping you stay focused and get amped up for your workout, or simply to provide you with an extra amount of protein or carbohydrates. Most post workout supplements (mainly creatine and whey protein) are great as well, in order to get your body to start repairing your muscles and replenishing your lost nutrients during your workout.

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Do Intra-Workout Supplements Work?

Intra-workouts on the other hand, sorry to say, are not worth the money what so ever. What you take while working out will not have a better effect on you compared to taking the same thing pre or post workout. Having a good post workout meal or shake with a good amount of carbohydrates and protein will have the same, if not better effect than taking some overpriced supplement in the middle of your workout. All intra-workout supplements are anyways, are some creatine, some BCAA’s, and maybe some other random ingredients that a pre-workout may not have. If you’re not getting results in the gym from your current diet and routine, expensive intra-workout supplements won’t help.

Essentially, a intra-workout supplement is the same as a pre-workout supplement – just marketed differently. If you have to chose, buy a pre-workout supplement like 1MR and some creatine, and save your money. It will give you that extra push in the gym, something that will actually help you build muscle.

Industry Bias

As much as some great supplement companies put out great products, they also put out a lot of random supplements just because of demand. Everyone is trying to get an edge to get bigger, faster, stronger in the shortest time possible, and supplement companies target that.

Bodybuilding is not that complicated!

intra workout supplements moneyIt’s All Marketing!

Especially when you see professional bodybuilders saying intra-workouts are the reason they got where they are just for a check. Just remember, there was no hype about intra-workout supplements just a few years ago and people were still getting great results. All it takes is a good supplement stack to fill the basics, and perhaps some specialties like fat burners or pre-workouts when required.

Especially when you see things like “studies have shown that…” in the intra-workout supplement sales pages, you’ll never see a link to the study – I never have! These kind of studies take time, and intra-workout supplements are a relatively new fad – something like the HcG pills or raspberry ketones. Simply put, until you see proven studies, save your money and stick with supplements that have been proven effective like whey protein and creatine.


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  1. Dave Bronson

    I don’t think intraworkouts have anything that will benefit anyone more than say, taking a pre-workout shake with a good amount of carbs, followed by a post workout shake. Generally, a workout for most people is roughly 1 hour long. Unless you’re in competitive bodybuilding, I doubt worrying about a intraworkout shake is worth the hassle.

    I do agree with the rest of your points though, and timing is important, but I still think intraworkouts are a waste of money. If anything, you can just make your own intraworkout by buying maltodextrin or waxy maize, BCAA’s, glutamine and creatine in bulk. That’s essentially what they’re mainly comprised of anyways.

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