The Best Strength Training Workout, Hands Down.

strength training

Depending on your goals, there are different kings of workouts for strength training, endurance training, training to gain size, training to lose weight, or what ever your goal may be. The main purpose of strength training workouts is to move the most amount of weight, as fast as possible.
If you know a little bit about physics, you know that Force = Mass x Acceleration. This is exactly the idea behind the best strength training workouts, and is the exact idea used by olympian weightlifting athletes. As you may have noticed, olympian weightlifters competing in the clean and jerk lift that massive amount of weight up as fast as possible, and get under the bar as fast as humanly possible in order to raise it up. A good grip helps as well.

We won’t be getting into such complex exercises, but that’s just the idea behind strength training. The main exercises used for strength training are Bench, Deadlift, and Squat (+Military Press). These main exercises are tried and proven by accredited strength training and fitness coaches such as Dave Tate and Mark Rippetoe, who consider these the foundation for strength training.

The following is probably considered the best strength training workout program out there, by none other than Mark Rippetoe.

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe

Alternate the following workouts ( A & B ) weekly

Note: Where you see something like “3×5” means, 3 sets of 5 reps. So for example, 3×5 Squat means 3 sets of squats, 5 repetitions each (3 sets of 5 reps). ** means optional exercises.

Week 1

Monday Workout A
Wednesday Workout B
Friday Workout A

Week 1

Monday Workout B
Wednesday Workout A
Friday Workout B
Workout A
Exercise Sets Reps
Squat 3 5
Bench Press 3 5
Deadlift 1 5
**Dips 2 8
Workout B
Exercise Sets Reps
Squat 3 5
Military Press 3 5
Bent-Over Rows 3 5
**Chin-Ups 2 8

 Notes on Starting Strength:


mark rippetoe deadlift


Make sure that you use the same weight for all of your sets. If you use 225lbs for your first set of squats, use 225lbs for the remaining 2 sets. Your goal should be to increase the weight on the bar by 2.5% every week.

This won’t happen every week (especially after a 3-4 months) due to plateaus, but you should be trying to hit that number every week. There is a reason behind Starting Strength being considered one of, if not the best strength training workoutout there.


Before any exercise (especially your first), do a warm-up first. Start off with just the bar (without weights) and go up to about 70% of your regular weight for that exercise. Example

Example: If your working set is 175lbs, you do as a warm-up:
2 Sets x 5 reps (just the bar)
1 Set x 5 reps with 85lbs
1 Set x 5 reps with 125lbs
Then you would continue to do 3 sets of 5 reps with 175lbs.

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If you are trying to put on mass fast, you should be eating as mucha s you can, 3000-4000 calories a day with a high amount of protein and carbs. Usually 1-2 times your bodyweight in protein, and more than that in carbohydrates. This will of course put on some excess fat, but you can always do a 1-2 month diet of eating cleaner and doing cardio.

You can do a “clean bulk” where you eat more conserved (250-400 calories above your daily calorie┬ámaintenance┬álevel) , which will lower the excess fat gain but will take much longer to see visible results. To calculate how many calories you should be eating daily, you can click here.

Try to eat 4 big meals a day, as recommended by Rippetoe himself; especially a big breakfast, a post workout protein shake and lots of carbs directly after your workout, and a good high protein snack before bed.


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