Best Time To Work Out – Does It Matter?

best time to workout

Does it really matter what time of the day you start your workout routine? Well if you work out or exercise at all, you’re heading in the right direction. If you’d like to enhance the results, there are certain periods in the day which can be considered the best time to work out.

If you happen to find out that the best time to work out is during your work schedule, you don’t have to change your job or work shift to get in a good workout. Research has shown that these special times of the day provide some slight performance boosts such as an increase in strength, endurance, or focus.

Firstly, it depends person to person. Some people may have their workouts first thing in the morning (after a good pre-workout meal of course), and feel that that’s the time they’re most energetic. Most of us however are not morning people, and usually tend to workout either mid-afternoon or at night. If that’s when you feel your strongest and most alert, then that’s fine as well.

If you’re always feeling tired, sluggish, and sleepy on the other hand, you may want to switch up your workout time to something shown below.

Research Results – Best Time To Work Out

Late Afternoon (4pm-5pm) Workouts

evening workout timeResearch has shown that strength and endurance is greater in the afternoon, up by 5% and 4% respectively. This is due to the body temperature for most people being the highest around this time, which makes it the best time of the day to get in a great workout.
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Morning Workouts

morning workout timeAlthough many people have trouble getting up and working out right in the morning, research has shown that people who work out first thing in the day are more consistent. This is great for those who have trouble being motivated and consistent with their workout routine. Get there early!
Research has also shown that people who work out early are more likely to stick to that routine, compared to those who work out in the evening or night.
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Evening Workouts

working out at nightThere are conflicting theories on whether evening workouts keep you up later at night if you work out late. Some studies have shown that working out in the morning improves the quality of sleep, but also working out later in the evening or night. It’s not a definite answer as of yet, but you should listen to your body and adjust your schedule accordingly.
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Overall, the best time to workout backed by studies is from 4pm-5pm. If this isn’t an option for you, you can still work out during what time works best for you as long as you are consistent with that routine. In time, your body will pick up on your sleep and exercise schedule and adjust itself accordingly.

If you want to try it out, feel free to switch your workout schedule for a week or two to try working out at a different time. From there you can make a decision on what time you get your best workout in, and keep it consistent.

You also need enough sleep to give your body enough time to repair the muscles and rest your joints after heavy work outs, especially from our best strength training workouts.Remember that your body can always adjust and adapt to a new workout time, as long as your routine is always in sync. It can take up to a month to successfully change or alter your circadian rhythms.

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