Cardio Workouts At Home – It’s Possible!

cardio exercises at home

You don’t need a treadmill, bike, or a gym to get fit; do cardio workouts at home! Getting in shape and doing cardio is not limited to only those who have access to cardio equipment. Of course a treadmill or elliptical would help, but not everyone has the space or budget to buy top of the line workout equipment.

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Top 5 Cardio Exercises For Home!

These exercises will show you exactly how you can get the same results without expensive workout equipment; by doing cardio workouts at home. There will be references to “circuits”, which is basically another way of saying sets, turns, or how many times you preform that exercise.

1. Jump Rope

Jump rope is probably the best cardio workout you can get at home without a treadmill or elliptical trainer. A skipping rope is versatile, light weight, portable, and can be used (almost) anywhere. The great thing about using jump rope (click here if you don’t have one)  in your cardio workouts at home is the amount of calories that are burned. Here’s a great tool to measure how much calories you burn during jump rope – calorie calculator.

In just 20 minutes, jump rope will burn roughly 220 calories! Once you get good enough, you can make it a little more challenging by trying different variations. For example, jumping on one foot, alternating feet, double jumps, and more.

Beginner: Alternate 20-30 seconds of jumping and resting for 5-10 seconds for 5-10 circuits.

Advanced: Alternate 30-1 minute of jump rope with other cardio exercises. You can pick one of the other cardio workouts at home listed under this, or something like marching, jogging, push ups etc.


2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are also great cardio for home. All you need is a sturdy floor and a pair of shoes. It’s a very basic exercise where you jump up with your hands over your head, and land with your hands down and feet apart. Some variations of this include the plyo-jacks, holding a medicine ball while doing jumping jacks, or alternating on a step.

Beginner: Alternate 30-60 second sets in your cardio circuit, with the rest of the cardio workouts listed here or your own.

Advanced: Alternate 30-60 second sets of jumping jacks with pushups, lunges, squats, or dips (if possible) for 20-30 minutes.

3. Burpees

Burpees are one of the more advanced and harder cardio exercises out there. They are included in many advanced training programs and even in the military! This is no reason you can’t do them at home though. This is an excellent workout for strength training. To read more on that, check out our strength training post.

A burpee is a repetition of the following actions: squatting to the floor, jumping to a plank position, doing a pushup (optional), then jumping back up and in standing position. This would be considered one repetition in this killer cardio workout at home.

Beginner: Do sets of 30-60 seconds of burpees, alternating with 3-4 minutes of other cardio exercises such as jogging, jump rope, or jumping jacks in a circuit. Remember, they are rather difficult so pace yourself.

Advanced: Alternate 45-60 seconds of burpees with 30-60 second rest periods. Repeat for 10-20+ minutes.

4. Squat Jumps

Squat jumps are also a great addition for cardio workouts at home. Squat jumps are exactly what the name implies. You jump up as high as you can from the squat position, and land back into the squat position. Then repeat.

Precaution: This cardio exercise requires strong joints (especially knees) and a strong heart. If you don’t feel that you can handle the impact of landing and/or jumping, you should look for an alternative exercise.

Beginner: Beginner: Add in 45-60 seconds of squat jumps in your cardio workout or circuit. If you don’t have a circuit, you can easily build one by picking your favorite cardio exercises and adding them to your cardio routine.

Advanced:After each circuit (or 3-5 exercises), add in 45-60 seconds of squat jumps. For example, after one set of squats, one set of lunges, and one set of burpees, preform 45-60 seconds of squat jumps.

5. Outdoor Cardio!

If you’re fortunate to have good (or even decent) weather, enjoy the outdoors! You can preform any exercise you can do at home, but with the added benefits of fresh air and being somewhere new. Outdoor cardio can be anything listed above, or other excercises such as squats, pushups, lunghes, sprints, and more!

The most popular is running. It’s universal and has many alternatives such as sprints, jogging, speed walking, long distance and short distance runs, and more!

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.” – Oprah Winfrey


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