Weight Training to Lose Fat

weight training lose fat


Fitness is a field of knowledge just like biology, physics, philosophy etc. But because of its entrance into mainstream society over the last couple decades, it has become a means for profit for many, which is boiled in a pot of schemes. And whenever we involve business and profit in the discussion, there will be some lies and misconceptions thrown around.

There are multiple misconceptions we are going to clear up right now.

There are constant “miracle” diets and “quick fix” workout plans that are thrown into a fitness mosh pit. In this mosh pit all of these plans that will supposedly help you lose 10lbs in 10 days are fighting for everyone’s dollars.

And who is watching this all unfold on stage screaming into the microphone? It’s the guy making the most progress, trying to give everyone simple fitness truths that are constantly overlooked. Probably the most common misconception within the fitness world is the effects of weight training or strength training.

At times, guys in the gym or female friends who are trying to lose fat approach me for advice about weight training. Fat loss is the number one issue in the fitness sphere that confuses a lot of people.

So they ask questions such as “how do I lose the fat on my stomach?” “I don’t like my arms, how do I trim them down?”, “How do I get a 6-pack”. And since that is like asking what is a computer made of, I don’t have the time to really give them a detailed response so I give simple responses.

  • First, you need to eat healthy.
  • Second, you need to do cardio.
  • And third, you need to start weight training.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking; “that’s obvious dude!” So where is the misconception you ask? There are too many, for example: “weight training is just a way to get ‘buff'”, “It is just used by testosterone filled dudes who are trying to compete with each other in every aspect of life.” etc etc.

1. Weight training builds muscle
2. Muscles need more calories to survive
3. When calories are not immediately available, they are taken from your fat storage
4. Therefore building muscle will lead to fat burn

A couple things you need to know before you completely understand this misconception are available in more detailed in the following post: Does weight lifting burn calories?


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